Cleaning Smells From Artificial Grass for Pets
Unlike natural grass, artificial grass can have a hard time eliminating pet odors on its own. Pet urine can have a stronger smell and last longer than normal. Luckily, artificial grass for pets is easy to clean and maintain.
A simple action to take is rinsing the area with lukewarm water where your pet or other stray pets have urinated. There are also several unique products available that help fight against the unpleasant smell of pet odors on artificial turf.
Artificial Grass of Pets

There are many rumors spread that artificial turf is not safe or suitable for pets. There has never been a bigger lie! If you choose the right artificial grass, infill and base then your lawn will be resilient to the wear and tear that pets put on yards. Plus, the blades of grass are safe for sniffing and licking and poses no harmful threats to your pets.

It’s common knowledge that pets will want to mark their territory on your artificial turf. While urine and feces can easily kill real grass, it will not harm your artificial grass. The artificial turf will not fade or wilt. To clean the mess and prevent unpleasant smells, rinse with lukewarm water. The tight, permeable base allows urine to drain and homeowners with pets often create a smaller section designated for their pets. This area is designed to be lifted so that you can thoroughly clean. Artificial grass is ideal for pets not only because it’s safe but also because it has features for optimum draining.

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Clean and Deodorize

Artificial grass for pets is easy to clean when it involves “number two.”  You just scoop the droppings up as you do in real grass and rinse the area well. Your artificial turf is made from a polyurethane and latex backing and are designed to let fluid pass through, however, urine odors can still remain present. Artificial grass is built like other stainless synthetic household surfaces and can trap smells that are hard to eliminate and detect. To help prevent and eliminate pet odors, use a vinegar mixture or rubbing alcohol to wipe the surface.

Products for Pet Odors in Artificial Grass

  • Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator For Dogs
  • got pee?
  • Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover
  • Pure Nature Pets Turf and Kennel Artificial Turf Deodorizer
  • Natures Miracle
  • Urea “Z”

Each type, brand and design of artificial grass require their own cleaning, care and maintenance guidelines. But, there are basic steps such as the ones listed above that can help remove pet odors.  When purchasing artificial turf keep in mind to find grass that have characteristics such as an anti-microbial surface, a backing that allows for drainage and a base that allows for filtration. Always consider what your artificial grass is made from, how it is designed, the drainage system and how it will be installed. This, along with the general knowledge of how to clean pet odors will keep your artificial turf looking and smelling fresh.

Still not convinced? There are quite a few other things you might not think of – re-seeding worn areas of your lawn, for example, or fixing holes that form as a result of foot traffic on natural lawns. If you want to save time and money on yard work, artificial grass can make your life easier!
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