How artificial turf can save you money.

If you live in an area that gets plenty of both sun and rain, then there is a good chance that you have not had to consider how artificial grass can save you money by conserving water. While it has many benefits in other areas, for watering, there is little or no concern, since depleted water sources are not usually an issue. However, if you are a resident of one of the sunny and less-rainy areas, such as the state of California, or you live in the US Southwest, then there is a good chance that you are looking at your brown lawn and longing for some soft green grass that doesn’t require watering.

The United States uses more water than any other country, with the average family using up to 400 gallons a day. Where does that leave the water for maintaining the lawn and gardens? We all know that water is vital to life, and that means that grass without water dies. The good news is that just because you live in an area that requires you to conserve on water doesn’t mean that you have to do without that lovely green grass. And the best part? You can also save on money!

Three ways that artificial turf saves you money.
  • By installing synthetic grass, you are saving on literally thousands of gallons of water a year (the average 800 sq ft lawn uses 44,000 gallons of water per year). By conserving water, you are allowing the natural water resources to replenish, enabling them to be used to enjoy summertime activities, such as swimming and water parks. But you are also saving in the money spent on watering your lawn since many areas charge per a unit rate of water.


  • You don’t waste your time watering your yard. You’ve heard it before; time is money. If you don’t hook up automatic sprinklers, there’s a good chance you are going to be standing outside watering your yard. If you have artificial turf installed, it requires little to no maintenance, freeing up your time for other things and saving you money.


  • It takes a certain amount of water to produce anything, and that is more than just green grass. Water is also needed in manufacturing, farming, and culture. To explain better, just take a look at what requires 660,000 gallons of water to produce:


  • Sixteen cars, including the tires.
  • Four thousand loaves of bread.
  • Six thousand watermelons.
  • Five thousand eggs.
  • Ten tons of steel.

“When there is a water shortage, the cost of everything goes up. By conserving water, you are ultimately saving yourself money in the long run.”

There are many reasons to consider installing artificial turf, although water conservation and saving money are big ones. In fact, the cost of the turf is very soon paid back in the money that you will find you are very quickly saving. The good news is that it’s also easy to find a reputable and reliable turf manufacturer, such as ForeverLawn® or Artificial Grass Superstore, both of which provide high quality, gentle, and durable turf.

Your environment, and your wallet will thank you for it.


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