Turf can increase your dog daycare business. Find out how.

It’s no secret that pets and artificial grass mix well. Similar to indoor sports areas, indoor pet areas benefit from the way that artificial grass helps to create an outdoor atmosphere. Whether is it a kennel, doggie daycare, or even a rescue shelter, artificial grass is cost efficient, saving you money, and it is better for pets overall.

Ways that artificial grass is better for your doggie daycare business:

  • The same as people, pets can be allergic to many things, and that goes for different grass and plants. Artificial grass ensures that your doggie daycare is allergy free.
    It’s also easy to maintain and keep clean. No watering, weeding or mowing required.
  • It’s also easier to clean up than grass. A simple hose down on soiled grass can have the turf clean in no time.
    Ditch the chemicals. More and more people are choosing to go the natural route and doing away with chemicals. However, a chemical-free lawn space can be even more work to maintain. With artificial turf, all chemical concerns are gone.
  • With all the paws running here and there, other materials and natural grass can easily be worn down. Artificial turf is sturdy, durable, and made to last.
  • The safety feature is another factor to consider. Curious dogs aren’t going to be finding small foreign objects or chewing on mats.
  • A bonus, that may even allow for a price increase, is that it keeps dogs clean, meaning that they don’t go home dirty to their owners after a long day of play.
  • Lastly, it looks beautiful. It presents a nice, clean, orderly appearance to potential customers walking through.

“When there is a water shortage, the cost of everything goes up. By conserving water, you are ultimately saving yourself money in the long run.”

There is a wide variety of durable, long-lasting artificial turf to choose from, and K9Grass by ForeverLawn® is an excellent option. They have specially designed grass that will give you a clean, green, sturdy lawn that fits all your needs. Selecting the right grass for you and your fourlegged friends is simply a matter of deciding where and how it will be used, and what your budget is.
One thing is for sure, not only your happy doggie visitors will thank you, but also their owners.


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