What is the cost of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds?

There are many benefits to installing artificial turf in playgrounds, but one of the main questions raised is what the cost of artificial grass is? And, in addition to the price, do the benefits make the cost worth it?

Artificial playground grass prices can range quite a bit, depending on the quality, amount of padding, and fall protection, also where you buy it from and how much. Generally, the price can be anywhere from $14 to $16 / square foot including installation.

artificial grass eliminates weeds

While at a glance this may seem expensive (if you are considering a large place), you need to step back a moment and consider what you are saving money on. You have a soft, allergy free, dirt free, grass stain free, padded turf for youngsters to play on, and that makes the price well worth it. While it does have to be replaced, after a time (depending on the amount of use it gets) the cost saved in maintenance (watering, weeding and mowing) or replacing (rubber or woodchips) is enormous, making artificial grass extremely cost efficient and economical.
Another thing to compare is the cost of other things that are used as playground flooring. Woodchips and rubber can quickly add up to a hefty price.

One primary concern to parents with children at the playground is the safety factor. While it’s wonderful watching your little one running about, it’s also equally unpleasant to watch them take a nasty spill. The great news is that there are companies, such as ForeverLawn®, that manufacture playground grass that meets fall-safety standards, and is ADA compliant for accessibility.
With Playground Grass by ForeverLawn®, your little one is equally as safe and clean on the playground as they are at home.

The price of artificial grass is made extremely affordable, especially when you consider that savings that will be made from installing it. But the other main reason that it has benefits is that it provides a cleaner, safer environment for children to play in, and who doesn’t want that?


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