10 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds
Artificial grass has many uses, and one place that it is extremely beneficial for is playgrounds. Children need a safe, and clean environment to let loose and be kids in, and that is why artificial grass is so important–because it is all that and more.
It is low maintenance

There is no need to cut or water artificial grass, so the upkeep is minimal.

artificial grass eliminates weeds
It is durable

Children play hard, and with sturdy artificial turf, you are creating a playing area that won’t have worn patches.

Less mud

After a lot of rain playgrounds get muddy. That is dangerous for active little feet running about, that can easily slip, and it’s also a deterrent to parents, not wanting to deal with the mess after the playground visit. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy.

It gentle

Wood chips (commonly used for playgrounds) can contain bits of bark that can cut little hands and feet. With artificial grass, you never have to worry; it is gentle as well as durable.

It’s safe

If you select grass from a company that specializes in artificial playground turf, such as Playground Grass by ForeverLawn®, you are getting grass that exceeds Head Injury Criterion (HIC) recommendations and offers the best fall safety ratings in the industry.

An even surface

Most playgrounds have a common issue. The platform to walk into the playground is often higher than the playground floor. This means that little feet are tripping either getting in or out of the playground area, and that is usually onto hard cement, which is dangerous.

It’s customizable

The grass can be laid out wherever it fits best, and it’s very simple to adjust the size of an area.

No unexpected holes

As children play the natural playground cover, whether it is wood chips, grass, or dirt, wears away in areas. Children running around can easily slip in a hole, fall, and be hurt.

It’s pleasant to the eyes as well

While there are many reasons to love artificial grass for the playground, another one is that it just plain looks good. It’s always going to be green, a nice length, and will remain soft.

It’s affordable

While artificial grass does have to be replaced at some point, the savings to be had are massive as artificial grass eliminates the need for regular maintenance (watering, mowing, filling in holes,) or adding more woodchips, and it is also chemical free!

Why is it so important to Infill artificial turf?

Why is it so important to Infill artificial turf?

Why is it so important to Infill artificial turf?Jade Child has been selling and installing artificial turf in Tasmania since 2010. Jade became interested in the varying turf products after finding difficulty sourcing quality turf in 2009. After spending a year...


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