If you have a beloved family pet, or own a dog kennel, doggy daycare, or boarding facility and are considering installing artificial turf, then you must be asking yourself one very important question- “Will my dogs destroy artificial turf?”.

And that’s a good question. After all, you don’t want to have your new turf installed only to see it quickly ruined by your canine friends.

Well, we have good news for you! Not only is artificial turf durable and stands up under pet use, but they LOVE it and it is a great choice as an alternative to natural grass, because, let’s face it, pups are hard on their yards.

Four reasons why artificial turf is a good choice for dogs.


  • Digging begone! One of the best parts of artificial turf? With the sturdy, mesh backing the turf is extremely resilient to digging and your pup won’t be able to tear through it. No more holes to step unexpectedly in!
  • Easy cleanup. Pet waste? No problem! You will simply have to clean up after your pet (as you normally would with natural grass) and then hose the area down to keep it fresh and clean. Most brands of artificial grass contain anti-bacterial agents that help to control odors and keep contamination at a minimum. Another bonus? You can’t stain artificial turf, so there’s no yellowing from pet urine!
  • No dirt patches. Say goodbye to mud and bare patches of lawn. Synthetic turf has excellent drainage and never molds or mildews, leaving it dry and dirt-free!
    Your grass will remain green and thick under the wear and tear from pets and children. Even if the blades press down a little a quick raking with a soft-tined rake or broom will help them to bounce back and look the same as they did before.
  • Long-lasting. Plainly put, artificial turf lasts. That’s why most grass comes with a 10+ year warranty, Synthetic grass is designed to be kid and pet friendly and last under years of activity and play.
artificial grass eliminates weeds

Natural grass may seem nice, but artificial grass is the smart choice. Natural grass needs regular care and maintenance to stay soft and green and has a tendency to yellow or brown, dry out, or turn into bare, mud patches.

With artificial turf, your pet’s play area will remain fresh and green. Whether it’s their kennel where they eat and sleep, or in their back yard where they run and fetch a ball with the kiddos, artificial turf is sure to provide endless hours of fun.


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Is Artificial Turf suitable for dogs?

Is Artificial Turf suitable for dogs?

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