Will turf get too hot for my pet in the warmer months?

If you are considering installing artificial turf it’s an investment. And, whether it is for your home or your business, you are going to have some questions.

One of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is concerning synthetic grass and heat. And there’s a good reason for those questions.

The problem

 Many of us are familiar with how cement, blacktop, and concrete work. We also know how hot sand or grass can get during the summer months. Not so many people know the answer to the question, “Will synthetic turf gets too hot for my pet’s feet?”.

Well, honestly, that depends. When it comes to taking your pet out on any surface while it’s hot outside, you need to use plain common sense.

While artificial grass doesn’t get as hot as things like pavement (blacktop and cement) it’s still not quite as cool as natural grass. For that reason, you may need to consider a few things during the summertime while with your pet outside on your synthetic turf.

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The Solution

Spray it down with some water. If you are bringing your pet out of doors and the heat is extreme a good idea may be to take a hose and just spray down part of the lawn. This way your pup can roam about in comfort and the ground will be cool.

Always provide your pet with shade. As with any outdoor location, your pet should always be provided with some sort of shade. This gives them not only a spot to lay down and relax, but ensures that they are not exposed to constant sunlight and heat.

Consider using a SYNLawn product with exclusive DualChill™ IR Reflectivilty. What is that? DualChill Technology lowers grass temperatures by reflecting the sun’s rays away with the use of infrared reflective pigments that help to dissipate heat build-up and reduce fiber emissivity. This means, that when applied to synthetic turf it can make it up to 20% cooler than similar artificial grass.

In conclusion

Just as you would with any flooring or ground surface, you always want to ensure that your pet is comfortable. If the temps are abnormally high you will want to check the ground heat before letting them outdoors. If you find that the grass seems very warm, consider any of the above as an option to cool it down a bit.


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