1. Does Artificial Grass Fade?
Over a long length of time you may see a bit of fading in your turf, however, most high-quality turf includes UV inhibitors that are added to the fibers to reduce fading. Also, many companies offer a fade warranty that guarantees no fading for up to a certain number of years.
2. Do I Need To Water My Artificial Grass?
While you generally do not need to water your synthetic turf, there are a few reasons why you may want to. You will need to hose down areas where your pets defecate. After removing solid debris you will want to clean the surface to disinfect as well.
You may also wish to hose it down a couple of times a month with water to clean off dust and dirt and keep your green bright and green.
3. Does Artificial Grass Grow?
While it may look lush and green, artificial grass is made from synthetic materials and has no biological quality that would allow for it to grow. This is one of the benefits of artificial turf, making it low-maintenance involving no cutting, trimming, watering or additional care.
4. Is Artificial Grass Safe For Children and Pets?
Artificial grass is a great option for children and pets, as it contains no pesticides, allergies, or pests, and is cool and soft to the touch.
5. Can I Use My Charcoal Grill On Artificial Grass?
While most newer synthetic lawns are fire-resistant, they may melt under heat. For that reason, we recommend that you place your charcoal grill on a platform in case any hot coals or burning embers drop to the ground. Or, consider using a gas grill instead or completely remove any grill away from your artificial grass to protect it.
6. Can I Drive and Park My Car On My Artificial Lawn?
Before driving and parking on your new synthetic turf, you will want to check with your artificial grass installer. They can tell you if the sub-base is strong enough to support your vehicles.

In the long run, though you may want to consult with an expert and consider creating a designated parking spot out of gravel or pavement to protect your artificial turf from oil and gas spills staining it, and the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

The answer, however, is yes, you should be able to briefly drive over your synthetic turf without fear of lasting damage.

7. What Is The Lifespan Of Artificial Turf?
The lifespan of your turf involves a few things. The amount of traffic it gets, and the quality of your manufactured grass. Artificial turf can last anywhere from 10-20 years, with high-quality turf lasting closer to to the 20-year mark.
8. Can I Have Artificial Turf Installed Inside?
Absolutely! Artificial grass works great both indoors and outdoors and is a great option for indoor playgrounds, malls, canine kennels and more!
9. What Kind Of Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Require?
The amount of use that your artificial grass gets will affect how much regular maintenance is required, but at the most, it is very minimal. Once a week you may want to sweep off leaves and larger debris with a broom, and twice-monthly you may wish to hose it down.

An excessive amount of leaves, snow, pet waste, spills or stains may require additional special care.

10. Does Artificial Grass Drain Well?
Yes. Your grass will be perforated and have a drainage base installed underneath that allows water to flow through it and avoid flooding.