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Is artificial grass is safer than a traditional field?

Is artificial grass is safer than a traditional field? As artificial grass grows in popularity around the world, more homeowners, parents and athletes are seeking proven information on whether it is the safest option for their landscaping usage. There are several...

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How do Turf Warranties Work?

  How do Turf Warranties Work? Almost all products worth money comes with a warranty. The more money you put into a product, the longer you expect it to work and the more vital your warranty becomes. A warranty is a guarantee to you that protects your...

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Cleaning Smells From Artificial Grass for Pets

  Cleaning Smells From Artificial Grass for Pets Unlike natural grass, artificial grass can have a hard time eliminating pet odors on its own. Pet urine can have a stronger smell and last longer than normal. Luckily, artificial grass for pets is easy to clean and...

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5 Applications for Artificial Grass

5 Applications for Artificial Grass Artificial grass began its debut on sports fields and arenas. Today, there are various applications that have expanded from front yards to backyards to playgrounds and golf courses. Residential usage of artificial grass has expanded...

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Artificial Grass

Learn from the Experts: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Artificial Grass Without an expert on your side, buying artificial grass can be costly and create more problems than it should. Aside from choosing the wrong type, color and size of artificial grass, there...

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Should I Hire a Pro to Install Artificial Grass?

  Should I Hire a Professional to Install Artificial Grass? Artificial grass is the perfect option for people who want the beautiful look of a lush lawn but without the maintenance and hassle it involves. Once you have made the important decisions such as color...

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What Kind of Infill Should My Installer Use

What Kind of Infill Should My Installer Use It is completely possible to have artificial grass installed with or without infill. When you choose not to include infill, the process will be easier, installation faster and less costly. Are those factors worth the...

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Which Artificial Grass is right for My Lawn

Choosing the Most Realistic Looking Artificial Grass for My Lawn Everyone wants a lush, vibrant green lawn. Depending on the area you live in, sometimes that is not always a reality. Even if it is a reality, it takes a lot of work to maintain a beautiful green...

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Why the Shape of Artificial Turf Matters

Why the Shape of Artificial Turf Matters No one truly understands the amount of work and decisions it takes to choose an artificial turf until they actually go through the process. From grass blade lengths, face weights, different color combinations and the grass...

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How to take care of your artificial lawn

  How to take care of my artificial lawn Artificial grass has the potential to substantially lower the time and money you spend maintaining your lawn. However, there are some basic maintenance tips you’ll want to follow to ensure the lasting durability and...

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5 Chores that Artificial Grass Eliminates

A nice, manicured lawn is great when it’s someone else’s, but if you’re the one putting all the time and energy into keeping it pristine, it can be an ongoing annoyance. Want a lawn that never gives you any hassle? Maybe it’s time to think about artificial grass! Just like a plastic plant in the corner that you’d swear was real, artificial turf can give your lawn a perpetual just-cut look without the endless fertilizing and mowing and yelling at the neighborhood kids to keep off of it. Here are five chores you can officially say goodbye to if you opt for artificial turf:

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